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Stigma (1999 rev2008) for cello / per violoncello- Dur. 6' ÷ 7'

Stigma was my second piece (Aura for string quartet, written in 1998, and L'attimo prima for flute, written in 1999, are still unperformed), the first for solo instrument, written in 1999 in Parma between April and June. 

First Performance - STIGMA was performed by Rohan De Saram on October 1st 2008 at the Auditorium Casa della Musica in Parma, during the Festival Traiettorie 08.

STIGMA is dedicated to Rohan De Saram.

The score is published by ARSPUBLICA EDIZIONI MUSICALI and is now available from ARSPUBLICA Web Store. Please visit 


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