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Marco Marinoni's web page

Alif (1999) for amplified classic guitar / per chitarra classica amplificata - Dur. ~ 4'


First performance / Prima esecuzione:

Teatro Cinghio - PARMA (Italy), April 15th 1999 - Primo Festival Internazionale della Chitarra N. Paganini

G. Bandini, guitar

[ENG] Alif was my first attempt in contemporary music (I was a student at Conservatory A. Boito of Parma, attending the second year of the experimental course of composition). Originally Alif was scored for three guitars but Giampaolo Bandini, one of the organizers of the Festival - told me there were some problems in putting together three soloist from different parts of Italy in a short time and proposed me to write a version for solo guitar: he was going to perform it. The final version of Alif (however, the version for three guitars is still available and unperformed), for solo classic guitar with amplification, was written in a few days in Finale Ligure and was ready on April 7th. In one week Gianpaolo studied it and we had two rehearsals, the day before the concert and the day of the concert at Teatro Cinghio, with the sound engeneer.

In Alif traditional rythmic writing with metronomic changes cohabits with chronometric fields, in which sound objects are denoted only by their gestural dimension and global duration of the figures. Silence has a structural role handling the gradual process of mutation in which objects are dipped. From an aesthetical point of view, Alif contains all the features further developped in my subsequent works: focus on internal energy gradient of sound objects, unity through contiguity, loss of source bonding (in this case gradual increasing of prevalence of unstable elements), etc.